Season 7 Episode 66 - Align with Plants final episode

June 25th, 2018

Happy Monday family!!!

The final episode of Align with Plants, Align with Health is here. Though this is no ending. I decided to wrap up this first portion of the show with a very personal story of M.E. Of my self worth and of my balue on this Earth. We each live stories to gain lessons from and share with our brothers and sisters. We all are capable of loving, anyways. I wrap the show with the steps I have taken to get here. I am grateful for each moment of each step. I am grateful for you. I love you!

Be back soon :)


FInal SUPER BONUS EPISODE!!! A Conversation with my friend, Sean Berahmand

June 20th, 2018

Happy Thursday Family!!!

Final SUPER BONUS EPISODE of Align with Plants, Align with Health!!!

This show wouldn't be complete without the high vibing energy of my friend and guest today, Sean Berahmand. Sean is a Portland Oregon recording artist and healer that I actually worked with to make our song GREENS and a new song yet to be released. 

Sean is an open soul, a wise human and has a heart of gold. He creates his music from a position of feeling indebted to the friendship he has formed with music over his life. This is my longest episode actually! Sean and I can really go in on conversation and talk for hours, easily.

Tune in to learn more about Sean's creative process, on how he uses music as a healing modality and what he sees as the necessities for a balanced, whole life. 

You DO NOT want to miss this episode! So much love and light shared.

TO purchase the song at the beginning of the show check this link out

And to keep up to date with all of Sean's projects and new music tune in

Season 7 Episode 65 - A conversation with my friend, Katrina Bubas Stevens

June 18th, 2018

Happy Monday family!!!

Season 7 Episode 65 of Align with Plants, Align with Health is a conversation with my dear friend and sister, Katrina Bubas Stevens. Katrina is a midwife, a mother, a community organizer, a healer and a plant person that I truly look up to and admire. 

Katrina uses plants to work with her mother's during their birthing year and helps connect these souls with the deep knowledge and power of our Mother Earth. She strives to assit in the healing of all those around her and is making a difference in the same sphere. 

I am honored to share her voice and wisdom with you all today. 

If you are in Portland Oregon and you are interested in her birthing services check her out
She also makes amazingly powerful plant healing potions that are available at
Tune in and tune up family!!! 

Season 7 Episode 64 - A conversation with my friend, Anthony Logan aka Hotboi

June 11th, 2018

Happy Monday!!!


Season 7 Episode 64 is a conversation with my friend Tony, also known as Hotboi! Hotboi is an Orange County musician and performer creating music that stimulates the mind and soul. Tune into todays show to learn a little bit more about Hotboi and how he has used plants and Mother Nature to guide and develop his message. 

To stay up to date with new music and performances, follow him on IG @hotboimusic. Listen to his music on Soundcloud and Spotify too under the same name for some truthful hip hop that will make your head nod!

And check out his visuals!

And tune in to hear "Feel" , produced by Chente Che and written/performed by Hotboi!

Thank you Tony for sharing your light with the show. Go hotboi go!!!


Season 7 Episode 63- A conversation with my friend, Delmara Christen

June 4th, 2018

Happy Monday!!!

Season 7 Episode 63 is a conversation with one of my closest friends, Delmara Christen. Delmara and I are talking essential oils and how they have been a major part of aligning our families with the healing powers of plants! Delmara covers all the basics of why essential oils work and why turning to Mother Earth and her creations for our health needs just makes sense. Its how things work!

To learn more about using essential oils in your home

You can also reach Delmara at

And check out her blog this month! She recently accepted a 21 day blogging challenge! All June she'll be sharing oil, plant and good family love!!! Tune in family!


Season 7 Episode 62 A conversation with a friend, Marilyn Oduenyi

May 28th, 2018

Happy Monday Family!!!

Episode 62 of Align with Plants, Align with Health is a conversation with a friend and unschooling mama Marilyn Oduenyi. Tune in to dive a bit deeper into why familes choose unschooling and connect with families doing it now, in love and in BIG WORLD change!!!

Marilyn is preparing to release a book on her families journey through unschooling and it is available for preorder now! Check it out! 

Unschooling While Black book (pre-order link:

And tune into all the love, empowerment and knowledge this soul is sharing online! 

Unschooling While Black Facebook group (conversations, live videos, supportive programs)

IG: @thedharmacoach
FB: Marilyn Oduenyi

Happy Friday!!! Super bonus episode!

May 18th, 2018

I have a dream!!!


Season 7 Episode 61 - The Art of Visualization Season 7 Episode 61 - The Art of Visualization

May 14th, 2018

Happy Monday !!! Tune in and tune up! We live our lives within. Our power is within. What will we do with it?


Season 7 episode 60! The healing powers of Body Tea and how herbal bathing will change your life !!!

April 30th, 2018

Tune in to learn what Body Tea is and why you need to know about bathing in plants.

Body Tea can be purchased at


Our power centers

April 9th, 2018


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